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Ensure the right business outcomes and realise value faster with proven methodologies, tools, and experts—informed by thousands of successful projects.

Mobile Apps development

Modern Native as well as Hybrid Mobile Apps development for iOS and Android Using latest technology.

Web Apps development

Modern responsive web apps development using latest technologies i.e. ASP.NET Core, Angular, HTML5, CSS3 etc...

ASP.NET with Angular

Expertise in Microsoft .NET and Angular development.


Building new age CRM/ERP solution and Medical EMR/PHR systems.

Desktop Application Development

Software tailored for you according to your demands at your desk.

Cloud Computing

This category includes any type of IT service that is delivered over the internet or a dedicated cloud network.


Design and development of the new "launchpad" website for around the world, an IT development and operations management company. The site was built on the ASP.NET core platform and integrated with Angular for lead acquisition, nurturing and analytics. We have also expertise in PWA, Mobile App development and Hybrid Mobile App.

Frequently Ask Questions

Since the Interplay team officially opened up shop in 2010, we’ve received a lot of IT questions from a lot of people, what you might call “frequently asked questions.” This page is filled with the most common questions we hear. Most of them have to do with what we do, because
 it’s a little hard to understand sometimes.

What is the ASP.NET Core?

ASP.NET Core is not an upgraded version of ASP.NET. ASP.NET Core is completely rewriting that work with .net Core framework. It is much faster, configurable, modular, scalable, extensible and cross-platform support. It can work with both .NET Core and .net framework via the .NET standard framework. It is best suitable for developing cloud-based such as web application, mobile application, IoT application.

What are the advantages of ASP.NET Core over ASP.NET?

It is cross-platform, so it can be run on Windows, Linux, and Mac.<\li> There is no dependency on framework installation because all the required dependencies are ship with our application<\li> ASP.NET Core can handle more request than the ASP.NET<\li> Multiple deployment options available withASP.NET Core<\li>

What is middleware?

It is software which is injected into the application pipeline to handle request and responses. They are just like chained to each other and form as a pipeline. The incoming requests are passes through this pipeline where all middleware is configured, and middleware can perform some action on the request before passes it to the next middleware. Same as for the responses, they are also passing through the middleware but in reverse order.

How to enable Session in ASP.NET Core?

The middleware for the session is provided by the package Microsoft.AspNetCore.Session. To use the session in ASP.NET Core application, we need to add this package to csproj file and add the Session middleware to ASP.NET Core request pipeline.

In 30 seconds, define AngularJS.

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework designed for creating dynamic single web page applications with fewer lines of code.

Important fundamentals of Angular?

Angular has large numbers of feature which makes it more useful over other front-end frameworks, below is the list of important features.

  • Component
  • Module
  • Data bindings
  • Services
  • Dependency Injection
  • Directives
  • Templates
  • Navigation
  • Native mobile development

About us

We’ve always done things a little differently at SHIVAM ITCS. We didn’t start in a conference room. Instead, we started on a couch. And we’ve grown our business on a set of three building blocks: Enjoy the people you work with, have fun, and do great work.

If you have inqueries please email us at CEO@shivamitconsultancy.com